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Marian Small – Visual Representations

Marian Small – Math Anxiety

Marian Small – Big Ideas

Young Mathematicians: What Does It Mean to be a Mathematician?

We Are All Mathematicians

What makes math interesting anyway?

What is the Point? – audio only

The Administrator’s Role – audio only

Technology and Mathematics – audio only

Substance not Structures – audio only

Parents: Be Intentional and Casual – audio only

It’s About Learning – audio only

Focus on Reasoning – audio only

Math Anxiety – audio only

Mental Math – audio only

Automaticity – audio only

Skills People Really Use

Introduction: Revisiting Thinking about Representations and Models

What is the Point?

The Administrator’s Role

Technology and Mathematics

Substance not Structures

Parents: Be Intentional and Casual

It’s About Learning

Focus on Reasoning

Math Anxiety

Mental Math


Medium Ideas

Math Curriculum: What teachers need to know

Responding to Students

Skills in a Technological Society

A Tool, Not a Rule

The Art of Mathematics

Creativity and Mathematically Interesting Problems

Representing: Purpose guides the way

Leadership Matters

Marian Small: Making Assessment Work

Open Questions and Contexts


Instructional Ideas

Bringing Math to Life

Success Criteria

A Primary Task

Another Primary Task

Instructional Big Ideas

Skills, Estimation, and Practice

A Junior Task

Marian Small: Responding to a Range of Student Thinking During Instruction

Marian Small: Preparing for Differentiated Instruction

Continuing Your Professional Learning

Closing Thoughts – Focusing on Students

Open-Ended and Parallel Tasks for Consolidation

Responding to a Range of Student Thinking During Instruction

Asking Prompting Questions During Instruction

Preparing for Differentiating Instruction

Open-Ended and Parallel Learning Tasks for Instruction

Initial (Diagnostic) Assessment Strategies

Research About Students’ Mathematical Knowing and Learning

Inquiring About Mathematics Instruction


Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

The Curriculum – Understanding Developmental Growth in Curriculum Expectations

Estimating and Making Sense of Numbers

Questioning in the Moment

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