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Inquiry: Solving a Puzzle

Math Anxiety: An Important Component of Mathematical Success

Learning is Inclusive

Learning Happens Here

Problem-Solving Through Robotics and Coding

Prompts Promote Learning

Authentic Problem Solving

We Are All Learners

Knowledge Building Circles

Inquiry Learning

Powerful Ideas on Knowledge Building in Mathematics

Knowledge Building in a Grade 7 Classroom

How to Create a Knowledge Building Inquiry

Combining Pedagogies for Deep Learning

A Lesson in Causal Modelling

Mars Mission – Grade 6 Knowledge Building Experience

Embracing Tension

All Inquiry is Not Created Equal

Primary Students Sound the Alarm: Finding Voice and Agency

Steven Strogatz – Math is Creativity

Marian Small – Big Ideas

Maker Space Mindset

*pedagogy not included

Productive Practice

Idea Based Learning – Deep Inquiry

Connections to Knowledge Building

Critical and Creative Thinking in the Math Classroom

Making Kids Doers of Math Instead of Doing the Math

Some Observations from the Collaborative Inquiry – audio only

What’s Wrong with Mathematics Teaching?

Some Observations from the Collaborative Inquiry


In the Heart of the Practice

Math Questions about Building Design

What’s Wrong with Mathematics Teaching?

A Dynamic Model for Assessment


Learning the Content Knowledge

Inclusion Through Knowledge Forum

Empowerment Through Inquiry

Educators as Co-learners

The Showcase

Developing Design Thinking

Inquiry Matters: Parents’ Perspective

Inquiry Check-in: Collaboration

Mary Jean Gallagher: An Introduction

Inquiry Check-in: Sharing the Learning

Inquiry Check-in: Questions and Probes

Inquiry Check-in: Decision-making

Integration: Music and Technology

Engaging in the Process

Inquiry-based Learning

Module 2: Engaging and Relevant Instruction

Module 1: Welcoming and Inclusive Environments


Inclusion Through Knowledge Forum

The Showcase

Integration: Music and Technology

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry Matters: Parents’ Perspective

Inquiry Check-in: Collaboration

Engaging in the Process

Empowerment Through Inquiry

Frame a Challenge of Practice

Spreading Inquiry Practice, Gr. 7

Transforming My Practice through inquiry, Gr. 6 & 7

Assessment and Inquiry-based Learning, Gr. 6 & 7

Inquiry and Student Engagement, Gr. 3

Fostering Innovation and Creativity through Inquiry

Educators Fostering an Inquiry Approach, Gr. 6 & 7

Teachers Reflecting on Student Inquiry, Gr. 7

Reflecting on the Journey

Self-Organized Learning

Self-Organized Learning Environment

The Power of Math Inquiry

Living with Questions in an Inquiry Stance

Deepening our Understanding: Constructing Working Theories About Patterning

Deepening Our Understanding: Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours at the Water Table

Reflections on Learning: Vivian Vasquez and Jerome Harste

Re-thinking Literacy Structures

Deepening Our Understanding: Co-inquiring at the Light Table

Deepening Our Understanding: Co-inquiring at the Water Table

Re-imagining Learning Through an Inquiry Stance

Being in an Inquiry Stance

The Inquiry Process in Action

Provoking an Inquiry Stance in Mathematics

Co-constructed Negotiated Learning

Provoking an Inquiry Stance

Co-constructed Inquiry

Problem Solving: An Inquiry Approach


STEM Implications

It Starts with Student Curiosity

Embracing Technology


Inquiry-Based Learning

Inquiry: Teacher Reflections

Relevant Learning

Lucy West: Higher Order Thinking

Inquiry: Gathering Data

Rich Tasks – Introduction

Indicator 4.5 – Grades K-3 (Part 1)

Indicator 4.4 – Professional Learning (Part 2)

Indicator 4.4 – Professional Learning (Part 1)

Indicator 4.4 – Grades 9-12

Indicator 4.4 – Grades 7-8 (Part 1)

Indicator 4.4 – Grades 4-6 (Part 1)

It’s About Inquiry: Planning for Inquiry

The Teacher’s Role in Play-Based Inquiry

Play-Based Inquiry

Types of Inquiry

It’s About Inquiry: Introduction

Documentation Panels

Authentic Problem Solving

Sharing Learning in Grade 1

Inquiry in Kindergarten

An Inquiry Approach to Learning – Grade 1/2 Teacher

It’s About a Repertoire: Allan Luke

Authentic Real-Life Inquiry in Kindergarten

Teaching with an Inquiry Stance – Grade 1/2 Teacher

Setting Learning Goals and Success Criteria

The Challenge

Professional Learning Community


School Based Spread

The Hub Work

Research Perspectives

Upper Canada

St. Clair



Greater Essex

Dufferin Shared Vision

Shift in Collective Culture

What We’re Learning

The Learning Stance

Nature of the Work

Shift in Our Thinking

Impact on Professional Practice – SWST

Impact on Professional Practice – PLC

Impact on School and System Culture

Impact on School Culture

The Researcher Lens

Professional Learning Adult

Professional Learning Leadership

Efficacy and Ownership

Goal Setting

Learning from Our Mistakes

Special Education

Halton Catholic District School Board

London District Catholic School Board

System Thinking

Researcher’s Perspective

Professional Learning: Key Features

Professional Learning: Research Supported

Thoughts About Inquiry

Getting Started

Foundational Beliefs

Selection Process and Building of Trust

Introduction – Background

The Buzz: From Student Work to Teacher Practice

Extension and Spreading of SWST Practice

System Thinking and Actions

Introduction – Impact on System Thinking

It’s Just About the Work

The SWST-like Stance

Introduction – An Open-to-Learning Stance

A Researcher’s Perspective



The Power of Networking

Origin of Suppositions

Introduction – Theories of Action

Ken Leithwood: Finding the Balance

Ken Leithwood: Learning Our Way Forward

The AHA Moment

The Notion of An Idea

The Power of Relationships

Using Resources Wisely

Why Working in a PLT Matters

A Principal and Teacher Discuss Assessment

Michael Fullan: Students Owning the Work

Michael Fullan: Transparency

Students Thinking about Mathematics

Jerome Harste and Vivian Vasquez: Student Inquiry

Inquiry-Based Learning

Classroom Visit #2

Debrief of Classroom Visit #1

Classroom Visit #1

Setting the Context

Principal Team Debrief

Learning Team Debrief

Debrief of Classroom Visit #2

Developing a Critical Stance

Preparing for Inquiry

Defining the Task

The Task: Teacher Rationale


Digital Interview

Digital Report

Inquiry Tools in the Classroom

Inquiry Student Reflections

21st Century Teaching and Learning: David Booth

Inquiry Presentation

Playful Talk: Demonstrating Focused Conversations at Centres

Developing and Taking an Inquiry Stance

Exploring Mathematics through Wondering

The Importance of Practice

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