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Tag Category: First Nation Metis Inuit

Inquiry-based Learning in First Nations Communities

Relationality: Cultural Exchanges

Critical Engagement with Technology

Generational Skills

Culturally Relevant Teaching

Cultural Ways of Knowing

Cultural Engagement

When Narratives Are Missed

Knowing our Elders

Equity and Social Justice Issues

Culturally Relevant Strategies

Demand and Engagement

The Pedagogical Tool Kit

Basic Skills Approach

Inter-cultural Connections

Valuing What We Do Not Know

Australian Study on Indigenous Education

Digital Ethics

Critical Literacy

Rethinking the Curriculum

Current Cultural Complexity

This Researcher’s Perspective

Language and World View

What do your Indigenous students want?

Challenges and Barriers to Learning

Challenges and Barriers

Challenges with the Research

Creating Possibilities for Indigenous Pedagogy

Factors Contributing to the Project’s Success

Partnerships in Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

Promoting First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education

Research Project Limitations

Significant Learning

Students’ Self-Confidence

The Listening Stone

Basket Making

Birch Bark Biting

Coming Together to Learn

Curriculum Connections


Indigenous Knowledge

Coming Together to Learn Together – A Historical Perspective

Nominalization and Verbification

Prisms and Pyramids

Spatial Reasoning

Quantity Sense

Supporting Mathematics Learning

Ten Frames

Visual Models



Aboriginal Education for all Students

Seven Stones

Deficit Model


Community Involvement

Diverse Ways of Knowing

Listen First

Valuable and Long-lasting Teaching

Indigenous Cultures

Champions of Aboriginal Education

Countering the Myths

Aboriginal Knowledge for all Students

Understanding Language

Cultural Identity

Promising Practices

Respect Diversity

Historical Similarities


Family Engagement

A Sense of Belonging

Identity and Culture

Building Content Knowledge

Beware of Assumptions

Genuine Involvement of Indigenous Families

Deficit Thinking

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