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The Six C’s – Transferable Skills

Deep Learning in the Digital Age Matters

Help Students Discover Passion and Purpose

Using Technology Effectively

Role of Technology

Why Deep Learning in the Digital Age Matters

Teacher’s Reflection on Assessment

Pedagogies that Deepen Learning


Beth Grosso On Effective Practice

Community Building through the Gradual Release of Responsibility

Embracing Tension

New Pedagogies for Learning

Primary Students Sound the Alarm: Math Makes a Case

Critical and Creative Thinking in the Math Classroom

From Engagement to Empowerment

The Literate Graduate

Putting Faces on the Data

Inquiry Check-in: Decision-making

Accountable Talk: Creating Culture

Inquiry-based Learning

Sharing the Learning

Inquiry Projects at the Junior Level

An Authentic Inquiry

Intermediate Students Share Their Thinking on Inquiry Projects

Inquiry-based Learning

Accountable Talk: Creating Culture

Meaning Maker – Introduction

The Power of Inquiry, Gr. 8

Inquiry A Classroom Model for Todays World, Gr. 6 & 7

Fostering Innovation and Creativity through Inquiry

I Am Teaching Thinking, Gr. 6 & 7

Risk Rewarded

Rethinking Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment

Critical Thinking

Building Sentences

Lucy West: Higher Order Thinking

Word Study


Unfamiliar Words




Allan Luke: Vocabulary

Indicator 4.6 – Grades 7-8

Indicator 4.6 – Grades 4-6 (Part 2)

Indicator 4.5 – Grades 9-12 (Part 3)

What is Social Justice Math?

Activating Prior Knowledge

Success Criteria

Critical Thinking and Literacy

Persuasive Texts

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Critical Literacy

Allan Luke – The Matter of Truth

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving – Student Reflections

Developing a Critical Stance

Action-Oriented Authentic Learning

TLCP – Power of Student Work

TLCP – Moral Imperative

Reading Conference: Critical Thinking

Grade 8: Group B

Grade 8: Group A

Grade 8: Group D

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