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Beyond Pictures, Numbers and Words: A Focus on Multiplication and Division

Teachers and students in one classroom learn how representations and models can help students to build conceptual understandings about multiplication and division.

Learning for the Classroom
Taking the Learning Home

Bruce Rodrigues: EQAO, Assessment, and Mathematics

Bruce Rodrigues, CEO of EQAO, presents primary, junior and grade 9 mathematics assessment data in the context of current provincial conversations, positioning EQAO as only one piece in the assessment picture of Ontario.

Video Clips

Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

What does it mean to coach for student success in mathematics? Coaching for student success isn’t just about having a numeracy coach. It is about including everyone in contributing to the improvement of numeracy instruction and student learning and achievement in mathematics.

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Creating the Conditions for Learning Mathematics

This resource allows viewers to observe students as they are learning. They also observe educators as they watch and examine the classroom footage and the student work from the lesson. Throughout this video, viewers have the opportunity to consider the mathematics that students learn within the Ontario Curriculum and how contexts set the stage for learning. 

Classroom Learning
MathTalk, Conferencing and Professional Learning
Knowledgeable Others

Empowering Students in Math

Students in this Grade 2/3 classroom see math happening everywhere. They have embraced problem solving…

Empowering Students in Math

Engaging Students in Mathematics

This resource explores a mathematics lesson taught within a three-part lesson framework. Throughout, the teacher…

Getting Started
Working On It
Teacher Debrief

Explicit Teaching in Problem-based Mathematics

Explicit Teaching in Problem-based Mathematics offers a re-imagining of what it means to engage in “direct” instruction. Rather than a separate pedagogical approach, explicit instruction is an integral part of problem-based learning and instruction. Animation and video are used to feature educator moves that support students to “notice things they would not otherwise see.” Think uncovering. Think making visible.

Video Clips

High-Yield Strategies for Improving Mathematics Instruction and Student Learning – VIDEO

The purpose of this webcast is to stimulate professional learning about organizing for and improving…

High-Yield Strategies

Honouring Student Voice in Mathematics

This resource profiles a teacher and her Grade 5/6 as they work through a three-part mathematics lesson. The students reflect on how they have supported each other as a community of learners in developing their understanding of mathematics.

Plan for the Math by Doing the Math
Fostering a Community of Learners
Student Voice and the Three-Part Lesson

Learning Mathematics Within Contexts – VIDEO

What is the purpose of understanding students’ mathematical knowledge at the start of a lesson? What is the significance of contexts for student learning of mathematics? Why is it important for teachers to solve mathematical problems that they will use during their classroom lessons?

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Linking Today’s Understanding to Tomorrow’s Learning: Proportional Reasoning

In the resource Linking Today’s Understanding to Tomorrow’s Learning: Proportional Learning you will see teachers who think deeply about ways to help students develop proportional reasoning.

They determine how to make ideas explicit for students, to help them “notice things that would not otherwise be seen. The teachers use a wide variety of teaching strategies to have students learn deeply ratio tables.

Each day, these educators increase their understanding of how and what their students learn. at the same time, they develop their own capacity as learners and teachers.

Phase 1: Starting Points in the Learning
Phase 2: Building on the Learning
Phase 3: Extending the Learning
Talking about What Works
What Mathematics Researchers Are Learning

Loving the Math, Living the Math

Explores the math program which contributes to the development of confident mathematicians in Matthew Oldridge’s…

Part 2 - Loving the Math, Living the Math

Part 3 - Loving the Math, Living the Math

Math in Action

Math in Action takes in-depth look at the teaching and learning at a Toronto school, where educators work to engage students in mathematics through real-world situations and explorations. Learn how staff identify and address the needs of their students by creating partnerships between school, home and the community.

Math in Action

Part 2 – Loving the Math, Living the Math

Explores the math program which contributes to the development of confident mathematicians in Matthew Oldridge’s…

Understanding the Mathematics
The Role of Technology

Part 3 – Loving the Math, Living the Math

Explores the math program which contributes to the development of confident mathematicians in Matthew Oldridge’s…

Student clips

Passion for Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Passion for Teaching and Learning Mathematics offers an inside look into primary, junior and intermediate classrooms during math learning activities. Teachers, students and administrators talk about and demonstrate how learners can use a variety of student-developed strategies to discover math concepts, constants and rules. It will be relevant to educators interested in eliminating math anxiety by connecting math understanding to real-life learning experiences.

Grade 1: The Brownie Dilemma
Grade 4/5: The Water Problem
Grade 6: The Dice Challenge
Grade 7: The Logo Problem
The Milk Bag Experience
The Smart Board
Leadership: Rita Angellotti
Principal and Leads
Principal of Mackenzie Glen

Planning for Mathematical Understanding: Fractions Across the Junior Grades

This resource documents the journey of junior teachers in Wellington Catholic District School Board who plan a unit on fractions as a division, implement it, and reflect on it at various points during its progression.

Collaborative Unit Planning
The Big Ideas of Fractions
Debrief and Reflections

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Today, declining mathematics scores is a new challenge that will not wait. In elementary schools…

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

We Are All Mathematicians

A montage showcasing the mathematics learning happening across Ontario at all levels.

We Are All Mathematicians

Young Mathematicians

An eLearning Experience Especially Designed for Primary Educators

This resource has been created for teachers, ECEs, administrators and support staff in K to 3 classrooms who want to explore the learning and teaching of mathematics in the early years. Through provocations (i.e., guiding questions, quotes and video clips), Young Mathematicians provides an opportunity for individual and collaborative inquiry and reflection on classroom practice.

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