“Knowledge Builders” Podcast Series

This is a four part series that explores innovation and knowledge creation in classrooms. Follow a classroom engaged in Knowledge Building and hear how the teacher and students collectively created an ideas-driven classroom. This podcast is supported by listening guides and a photo gallery.

Episode 1 – Innovation at Work: Exploring the KB Principles
Episode 2 – All Ideas are Improvable!
Episode 3 – Every Voice Counts in Creating New Knowledge
Episode 4 – The Power of a KB Community

2016 Differentiated Instruction Educator’s Package

Print ready files are available for download and copying under the “Supporting Resources” section on…

DI Educator's Package and Video

Culturally Responsive: Educator Mindset and Action

It is important that all students feel safe, accepted, and inspired to succeed in a…

Educator Mindset and Action

Deep System Change – Transforming Learning with New Pedagogies

Focus on deep learning and thinking rather than accumulating knowledge leads students and educators to creating new knowledge, understanding and independent thinking. This interview shares the perspective of one superintendent who saw learning communities work through the challenges and benefit from the struggle.

Interview Clips

Dr. Susan Dion: First Nation, Métis and Inuit-focused Collaborative Inquiry and Community Involvement

Susan Dion discusses her study of collaborative inquiry involving educators working with community partners to meet the needs of Indigenous students. The study clearly revealed the importance of involving community members as partners throughout the inquiry process.

Video Clips

Private: Fostering Resilience

By understanding how the brain works, how stress affects learning, and how to self-regulate, educators can build learning environments supportive of the total child. Hear powerful interviews from psychiatrists, psychologists, neuroscience researchers, specialists in ADHD, neuroplasticity, mindfulness and more.

Robert MacFadden
Michele Chaban
Dr. Stuart Shanker
Michael Apollo
Dr. Lee Freedman
Elli Weisbaum
Leah Gardiner
Faye Mishna
Peter Chaban

Growth Mindset Thinkers

Whether you’re a CEO, activist, athlete or academic, growth mindset opens new doors to creativity, collaboration and innovation, helping everyone achieve their full potential.
Throughout this site, you’ll see how a growth mindset can have a positive impact on student success in the classroom. You’ll hear how a change in mindset can lead to a change in attitude, allowing students to be leaders of their own learning and educators to see their practice in a new way.

Integrative Thinking

In 2015, Quest explored the theme of Deep Learning in a Digital World. Meet Heidi Siwak and two of her students, Kira and Leah, as they share their first-hand experience of using integrative thinking and design tools in the classroom.

Video clips

Math in Action

Math in Action takes in-depth look at the teaching and learning at a Toronto school, where educators work to engage students in mathematics through real-world situations and explorations. Learn how staff identify and address the needs of their students by creating partnerships between school, home and the community.

Math in Action

Math Lives Here: Helping Social Justice Take Flight

This resource features primary-junior educators who build upon the varied lived experiences of their students…

Math Lives Here
Primary Students Sound the Alarm
Junior Students: A Community in Transition

Resource Pages: Supporting the Curiosity of K-3 Educators

These pages support K-3 educators and leaders in furthering their learning about 4 specific topics: Play-and-Inquiry-based Learning, Pedagogical Documentation, Knowing your Learner in the Reading-Writing Environment and Talk in the Classroom.

Play-and-Inquiry-based Learning
Pedagogical Documentation
Knowing your Learner in the Reading-Writing Environment
Talk in the Classroom

Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

In 2015, Quest explored the theme of Deep Learning in a Digital World. Hear from this year’s expert speakers including Michael Fullan, Carol Campbell, Alec Couros, Jennifer Corriero, Will Richardson and George Couros as they explain what deep learning in a digital world really entails.

Michael Fullan
Carol Campbell
Alec Couros
George Couros
Will Richardson
Jennifer Corriero

We Are All Mathematicians

A montage showcasing the mathematics learning happening across Ontario at all levels.

We Are All Mathematicians

Working with teachers for pedagogical change – Building a thinking/learning community

Building change at the system level can start with leaders leveraging the passion teachers have for their own learning, and that of their students.

These video clips demonstrate one school cluster’s transformative journey using the Rotman School of Management’s I-Think tools and Idea Based Learning.

Through application of these tools, teachers changed learning stances, lay the groundwork for student’s critical thinking and helped create pathways for deeper learning that intersect with Knowledge Building.

This initiative has helped to put learning in the hands of learners, empowered teacher leaders, and allowed teachers, administrators and support staff to create a true co-learning community.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D