Co-Producing Learning: The Family Path

When parents are engaged and involved,  everyone benefits, and our schools become increasingly rich and…

Spheres of Influence on Student Learning
Scholar's Program
Powerful Learning Partnerships
Instructional Leadership

Conversations for Learning

In this video resource, we follow a classroom inquiry as students investigate a range of global issues that are of interest to them. By using multiple sources of information, they seek to understand diverse perspectives and what actions might be appropriate to tackle problems. They dig deep for meaning, question their sources and try to come to a clear understanding through conversations with their peers. Students come to the dialogue ready to participate in an intellectual exchange, willing to listen with an open mind and possibly create newer, stronger knowledge.

Negotiating Meaning
Growing Student Voice
School-wide Impact
Teacher Reflections
Lucy West on Learning Through Dialogue

Creating the Conditions for Learning Mathematics

This resource allows viewers to observe students as they are learning. They also observe educators as they watch and examine the classroom footage and the student work from the lesson. Throughout this video, viewers have the opportunity to consider the mathematics that students learn within the Ontario Curriculum and how contexts set the stage for learning. 

Classroom Learning
MathTalk, Conferencing and Professional Learning
Knowledgeable Others

Four Resources Model

This model provides ways of examining the content of teaching and assessment to ensure all…

Code User
Meaning Maker
Text User
Text Analyzer
Rich Tasks
Home and School Connnections

Leaders in Educational Thought: Michael Fullan, Allan Luke and Lucy West

A new video series designed to share international knowledge, change professional practice and improve student…

Michael Fullan
Allan Luke
Lucy West

Primary Reading Discussion Paper

The main purpose of this series is to promote professional inquiry into primary reading, to outline…


Reading the World in a Grade 3 Classroom

In this classroom you will see technology used extensively as a learning tool. The teacher’s pedagogy promotes diverse learning orientations, student self-regulation, metacognitive strategies and thoughtful student discourse.

From Read-Aloud to Independent Writing
Setting Students up for Success
Becoming Independent Thinkers
Learning Beyond the Classroom
Educational Challenges

Students of Mystery: The Student Work Study Teacher Initiative

This resource will introduce you to the Student Work Study Teacher (SWST) Initiative – an innovative professional learning program in Ontario that supports teacher inquiry into student learning.

An Open-to-Learning Stance
Theories of Action
The Power of "Co"
Impact on System Thinking
Concluding Thoughts
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