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Who Makes the Biggest Impact?

Growth Mindset

*pedagogy not included

Language Matters


The Evolution

Changing Media Messages

Mental Math: Thinking Flexibly with Numbers

Mathematical Success: A Conceptual Approach

STEM Implications

Learning Beliefs in Mathematics

Mindsets and the Learning of Math

Mindsets and Mistakes

Young Mathematicians: Jo Boaler – Mindsets and Mistakes

Math Perceptions – Dispelling the Myth

Case Study – San Francisco Math Camp

Impact on Students

Gender and Change

Starting Early

Seeing Results

The Power of a Growth Mindset

Risk-taking for Students and Teachers

Growth Mindset: Failure as Opportunity

My Role at MaRS

The Power of Failure

The Importance of Building Emotional Intelligence

Impact of Practicing Gratitude on the Whole Child

Reducing Stress, Increasing Performance

Growth Mindset and Increased Engagement

Connecting Gratitude and Well-being

Smiles in Schools

The Evolution of Plasticity Labs

Leadership Visioning

Three Great Leaders

Knowing When to Collaborate

Shifting Attitudes Opens New Pathways

Mental Health, Self-esteem and Well-being

Stereotypes and Identity Issues

Resilience and Growth Mindset Journey

How I See Success

Success for Me

Choosing Happiness

The Story Behind The Happiness Equation

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation

Growth Mindset is Openness and Curiosity

Students’ Emerging Values

The Happiness Formula

Integrating AWESOME in Schools

1000 Awesome Things

Challenges for Black Students

Understanding Students from Low-income Communities

Mentoring Youth

Building Self-esteem

The Importance of Goal-setting

Leadership and Systemic Change

Applying Math Outside the Classroom

Five Dimensions of Powerful Mathematical Classrooms

Applying the TRU Framework

Being a Powerful Mathematical Thinker

Developing a Mathematical Growth Mindset

What is Success?

Promoting Grit and Persistence

Fostering Success: Growing Educator Mindsets

What is Growth Mindset?

The Importance of Collaboration and Community

The Making of 21 Toys

Harnessing the Power of Failure

Overcoming Obstacles

Encouraging Creativity

Growth Mindset Thinkers – Introduction

Shifts in Math Education

Growth Mindset in the Classroom

Growth Mindset and Well-being

Challenging Pedagogy


Ability Grouping

Productive Practice

Growth Mindsets for Educators

Changing Pathways in Sport

Mental Well-being Drives Success

Failure is a Learning Process

Performing Under Pressure


Team Canada’s Growth Mindset

Being a Global Citizen

Applying My Journey in Sports to Teaching

A Community-led Approach

Skills For the Future

Informed Risk Taking

Building Leadership Skills

Failure is a Learning Experience

Applying a Growth Mindset

The Seven Secrets to Happiness and How to Integrate Them in Schools

The Importance of Self-reflection

Learning From Failure

Growth Mindset: Students

Growth Mindset: Educators

Creating an Inclusive Mathematical Learning Environment


Queen Alexandra Middle School: A Growth Mindset

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching – Play all

Module 2: Engaging and Relevant Instruction


Queen Alexandra Middle School: A Growth Mindset

Attitudes about Mathematics

Mindsets and the Learning of Math

Mindsets and Mistakes

Michael Fullan – The Growth Mindset

Fixed Mindset Practice

Celebrate Mistakes

Assessment and Growth Minds

The Brain

Growth Mindsets

A Growth Mindset in Math Class

Develop a Growth Mindset

Attitudes about Mathematics

Growth Mindsets in Mathematics

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