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No Magic Bullets – audio only

The Deficit Model is Still Alive and Well – audio only

Know Your Own Fish Tank by Looking at Someone Else’s – audio only

Reflection on the Ontario Context – audio only

Moving Beyond ‘Politically Correct’ – audio only

The Main Game: Key Paths To Reform

Indigenous Views on Reform

No Magic Bullets

The Deficit Model is Still Alive and Well

Know Your Own Fish Tank By Looking at Someone Else

Know Your Own Story

Reflection on the Ontario Context

Moving Beyond “Politically Correct”

Relationality: Cultural Exchanges

Critical Engagement with Technology

Generational Skills

Culturally Relevant Teaching

Cultural Ways of Knowing

Cultural Engagement

When Narratives Are Missed

Knowing our Elders

Equity and Social Justice Issues

Culturally Relevant Strategies

Demand and Engagement

The Pedagogical Tool Kit

Basic Skills Approach

Inter-cultural Connections

Valuing What We Do Not Know

Australian Study on Indigenous Education

Digital Ethics

Critical Literacy

Rethinking the Curriculum

Current Cultural Complexity

Meaning Maker – Introduction

Building Sentences

Word Study


Unfamiliar Words




Allan Luke: Vocabulary

Allan Luke – Critical Literacy

Allan Luke – Digital Culture

Allan Luke – Diverse Ways of Seeing the World

Allan Luke – Rich Tasks

Allan Luke – Assessment

Allan Luke – Second Wave Issues

Allan Luke – Whole School Curriculum Mapping

Allan Luke – Hot and Cool Curriculum

Allan Luke – Adaptive Teaching

Allan Luke – Differentiated Pressure and Support

Allan Luke – It’s About Repertoire

Allan Luke – Pedagogically Focused Leadership

Allan Luke – Second Wave Change

Allan Luke – Innovative Assessment

Allan Luke – Teaching: An Art and a Science

Allan Luke – Assessment for Learning

It’s About a Repertoire: Allan Luke

Reading the World: Allan Luke

New Capacities

Stronger Smarter Schools

Professional Development

Student and Teacher Roles

Closing the Gap

What is the purpose of schooling?

Beginning with Students


Authentic Tasks

Twenty-first Century Learning

Earlier is Not Better

Genuine Involvement of Indigenous Families

Major Findings of Stronger Smarter Schools

Up the Intellectual Ante

Default Mode


Deficit Thinking

Inclusive Education

Culturally Responsive Practice

Developing Critical Literacy

Critical Thinking and Literacy

Cultural and Main Stream

Different Ways of Knowing the World

One Size Does Not Fit All

Mainstream and Cultural Pedagogy


Complex Challenges

An Asset Model

Au nom de la vérité

Tâches riches

Harmonisation de l’évaluation


Questions relatives à la deuxième vague de réformes

Cartographie de l’ensemble du curriculum

Adaptation au niveau de l’école

Souplesse et rigueur du curriculum

C’est une question de registre

Leadership axé sur la pédagogie

Deuxième vague de changement

Méthodes d’évaluation efficaces

Évaluation au service de l’apprentissage

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – Critical Literacy

Allan Luke – The Matter of Truth

Allan Luke – Literacy Across the Curriculum

Allan Luke – Scalability at the School Level

Allan Luke – School Planning

Allan Luke – School Reform

Allan Luke – Social Class Phonics and the Early Years

Allan Luke – Pedagogical Diversity

Allan Luke – Effective Assessment Practices

Quality Teaching It’s Intentional: Allan Luke

TLCP – Moral Imperative


The New Literacies

Effective Instruction


Teacher Moderation

Critical Literacies

New Eduscape

Historical Perspectives


Canada and the World

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