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Conditions for Learnings

Empowering Students in Math

Students in this Grade 2/3 classroom see math happening everywhere. They have embraced problem solving…

Empowering Students in Math

Insights into an Inquiry Classroom

The students and educators in these stories overcame considerable obstacles to become an empowered and…

Insights into an Inquiry Classroom

Learning Mathematics Within Contexts – VIDEO

What is the purpose of understanding students’ mathematical knowledge at the start of a lesson? What is the significance of contexts for student learning of mathematics? Why is it important for teachers to solve mathematical problems that they will use during their classroom lessons?

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OFIP Resources

 Examines effective instructional leadership practices that support whole school improvements in literacy and numeracy learning.

Segments from Lucy West's Presentations

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Today, declining mathematics scores is a new challenge that will not wait. In elementary schools…

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Reading the World in a Grade 3 Classroom

In this classroom you will see technology used extensively as a learning tool. The teacher’s pedagogy promotes diverse learning orientations, student self-regulation, metacognitive strategies and thoughtful student discourse.

From Read-Aloud to Independent Writing
Setting Students up for Success
Becoming Independent Thinkers
Learning Beyond the Classroom
Educational Challenges
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