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Conditions for Learnings

Math in Action

Math in Action takes in-depth look at the teaching and learning at a Toronto school, where educators work to engage students in mathematics through real-world situations and explorations. Learn how staff identify and address the needs of their students by creating partnerships between school, home and the community.

Math in Action

Insights into an Inquiry Classroom

The students and educators in these stories overcame considerable obstacles to become an empowered and…

Insights into an Inquiry Classroom

Lyn Sharratt: System Improvement

Lyn Sharratt shares her knowledge on how to create student-centred learning spaces. She touches on how school systems can move from a positive learning climate to an established deep culture of learning.

System Improvement

Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture

Educational consultant, Lucy West provides insight on how to cultivate a positive learning culture.

Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture
Audio Only

Creating the Conditions for Learning Mathematics

This resource allows viewers to observe students as they are learning. They also observe educators as they watch and examine the classroom footage and the student work from the lesson. Throughout this video, viewers have the opportunity to consider the mathematics that students learn within the Ontario Curriculum and how contexts set the stage for learning. 

Classroom Learning
MathTalk, Conferencing and Professional Learning
Knowledgeable Others

Precision Teaching in the Primary Classroom

In this Grade 3 classroom, the learning environment is structured to allow students to self-assess,…

Word Sort
Inference Game
Learning Centres
Guided Reading
Students Self-Assessment
Classroom Tour

Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind

As learning becomes a priority for all students, assessment takes on many different and important roles. When assessment becomes a key component of learning, it can provide teachers and students with a window into what students understand and a mechanism for deciding what to do next.

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