Young Mathematicians

An eLearning Experience Especially Designed for Primary Educators

This resource has been created for teachers, ECEs, administrators and support staff in K to 3 classrooms who want to explore the learning and teaching of mathematics in the early years. Through provocations (i.e., guiding questions, quotes and video clips), Young Mathematicians provides an opportunity for individual and collaborative inquiry and reflection on classroom practice.

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Resource Pages: Supporting the Curiosity of K-3 Educators

These pages support K-3 educators and leaders in furthering their learning about 4 specific topics: Play-and-Inquiry-based Learning, Pedagogical Documentation, Knowing your Learner in the Reading-Writing Environment and Talk in the Classroom.

Play-and-Inquiry-based Learning
Pedagogical Documentation
Knowing your Learner in the Reading-Writing Environment
Talk in the Classroom

Precision Teaching in the Primary Classroom

In this Grade 3 classroom, the learning environment is structured to allow students to self-assess,…

Word Sort
Inference Game
Learning Centres
Guided Reading
Students Self-Assessment
Classroom Tour
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