Idea based learning

Idea based learnings

Working with teachers for pedagogical change – Building a thinking/learning community

Building change at the system level can start with leaders leveraging the passion teachers have for their own learning, and that of their students.

These video clips demonstrate one school cluster’s transformative journey using the Rotman School of Management’s I-Think tools and Idea Based Learning.

Through application of these tools, teachers changed learning stances, lay the groundwork for student’s critical thinking and helped create pathways for deeper learning that intersect with Knowledge Building.

This initiative has helped to put learning in the hands of learners, empowered teacher leaders, and allowed teachers, administrators and support staff to create a true co-learning community.

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D

Deep System Change – Transforming Learning with New Pedagogies

Focus on deep learning and thinking rather than accumulating knowledge leads students and educators to creating new knowledge, understanding and independent thinking. This interview shares the perspective of one superintendent who saw learning communities work through the challenges and benefit from the struggle.

Interview Clips
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