Allan Luke: Indigenous Education

Research professor Allan Luke talks about the importance of passing on the wisdom of elders…

Allan Luke: Indigenous Education
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Coming Together to Learn Together: Lisa Lunney Borden

Dr. Lisa Lunney Borden shares her work in supporting mathematics with the Mi’kmaw community in…

Lisa Lunney Borden - Video Clips

Conversations about Well-Being: Charlene Bearhead

By drawing on the knowledge of many voices who are working to foster well-being for…

Conversations about Well-Being: Charlene Bearhead

Dr. Susan Dion: First Nation, Métis and Inuit-focused Collaborative Inquiry and Community Involvement

Susan Dion discusses her study of collaborative inquiry involving educators working with community partners to meet the needs of Indigenous students. The study clearly revealed the importance of involving community members as partners throughout the inquiry process.

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Exploring Aboriginal Education: Susan Dion

Susan Dion gives a straightforward account of the historical perspective educators need to think about as they work collaboratively to support Aboriginal education. She speaks of the need to be co-learners who approach their participation from a position of respect for Aboriginal world views.

Susan Dion - Video Clips

N’gwii Kendaasmin – We’ll Learn and Teach Together: First Nation Metis Inuit

In this video series, experts in Aboriginal education share insights on how to improve achievement for all students. The importance of educating all students about indigenous history and current issues is emphasized.

Lisa Lunney Borden
Florence Glanfield
Wab Kinew
Deborah McGregor
Elder Betty McKenna and Ed Doolittle

Susan Dion: The Power of Narrative

Professor Susan Dion shares what she’s learned about storytelling and community building at the Student…

Susan Dion: The Power of Narrative

The Listening Stone: Susan Dion

Dr. Susan Dion shares key findings from her evaluation of First Nation, Métis and Inuit-focused Collaborative Inquiry teams. Her report is based on interviews with teachers, FNMI community partners, and school and system leaders within 15 school districts across Ontario. Susan shares the challenges, successes and next steps in guiding educators to increase FNMI student achievement and well-being, learning with and from FNMI community partnerships and increasing educator and student knowledge, understanding and awareness of FNMI histories, cultures and perspectives.

Susan Dion - Video Clips

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux has dedicated her life to building bridges of understanding, and sees endless merit in bringing people from diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds together to engage in practical dialogue. She is deeply committed to public education and active youth engagement.

Truth and Reconciliation
Dr. Duke Redbird Closing Remarks
Meeting Place Youth Conference - Youth Voices of Canadian Roots Exchange

Unlocking the Potential of Aboriginal Students

The government of Ontario has made improved student achievement in literacy and numeracy the centerpiece of its mandate. The first step in realizing this goal requires that every student in Ontario will reach their full potential in reading, writing and mathematics. By 2008, 75 percent of students will reach or exceed the provincial standard.

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