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Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture

Educational consultant, Lucy West provides insight on how to cultivate a positive learning culture.

Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture
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New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: Flourishing in a Complex World

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: Flourishing in a Complex World, offers an inside look into classroom, school and board-deep learning practices. Teachers and administrators talk about how this pedagogy is transforming student, teacher and system learning. Students talk about how they build knowledge as a community through deep learning and integrative thinking. It will be relevant to educators and system staff interested in the impact of deep learning on student, teacher and staff agency.

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Schools on the Move: Collaborating, Partnering and Networking Lighthouse Program – VIDEO

The context for Schools on the Move is the diversity of Ontario and the good work being done in schools across the province. Emerging from both the Schools on the Move themselves and the research literature are five major themes that describe the practices that are required to move schools forward:

Monitoring Student Learning and Setting Direction
Managing Cultural Change and Redesigning the Environment
Focus on Teaching and Learning
Shared and Distributed Leadership for Learning
Connecting with Families and Community
Networked Learning Communities
Keeping Momentum

Teacher Moderation: Collaborative Assessment of Student Work – VIDEO

Assessment has an impact on student learning. It influences the teacher’s instructional decisions and informs the student as to his or her strengths, needs, and next steps. Assessment is a complex process and it is challenging to ensure that assessment is fair, valid and consistent for all students. One way to work toward consistently effective assessment practices is through a process called teacher moderation.

Part 1: The Teacher Moderation Process
Part 2: Toward Improved Student Achievement
Part 3: Instructional Stategies That Meet the Needs of All Students
Part 4: Assessing the Impact and Planning Next Steps
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The 6 C’s

The 6 C’s approach — what we might call leading from the middle continues to be cultivated and spread throughout the province, including establishing clarity of each of the six clusters and how to develop the skills and dispositions in question.

Character Education
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Creativity and Imagination
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