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The Listening Stone Year 3: Starting Points, Turning Points, Learning Points

The Significance of Community Engagement

The Learning

Teachers Need Indigenous Knowledge

Students in Leadership Roles

Talking Circles

Student Voice

Reaching Out to the Community

Positive Outcomes

Indigenous Learning is Complex

Going Deeper

Community Involvement

Collaborative Inquiry

Academic Achievement and Well-being

An Entrusted Responsibility

The Centrality of Indigenous Bodies

Relationship and Community

Limits of Empathy

Humanizing History Through Family

Exploring Indigenous Identity

The Challenges of Using Stories

This Researcher’s Perspective

What do your Indigenous students want?

Challenges and Barriers to Learning

Challenges and Barriers

Challenges with the Research

Creating Possibilities for Indigenous Pedagogy

Factors Contributing to the Project’s Success

Partnerships in Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

Promoting First Nations, Metis and Inuit Education

Research Project Limitations

Significant Learning

Students’ Self-Confidence

The Listening Stone

Susan Dion – Doing the Work of Learning

Susan Dion – Teachers as Allies

Susan Dion – Appropriation

Susan Dion – How should Aboriginal content be taught?

Susan Dion – What can educators do to support the learning of all students?

Susan Dion – What is the most important change in the current education of Indigenous peoples?

Susan Dion – What actions of non-Indigenous educators might have the greatest impact for students?

Susan Dion – Rethinking Current Practice

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