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Knowledge Forum Analytic Tool: Word Cloud (Network of Words)

Chase the Future: Math is Everywhere

Embracing Shifts in Knowledge

Dialogue-based Classrooms


Student Math Strategies

Authentic Problem Solving

Balance, Technology and Pedagogy

Student Voice and Choice

A Transferable Process

Tools to Move From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

The Difference That Makes a Difference

Powerful Ideas on Knowledge Building in Mathematics


Students Reflect on Inquiry-Based Learning

Principal Conversation – Understanding New Pedagogies

Community Building through the Gradual Release of Responsibility

Empowerment through Community Relationships

Impact of Integrative Thinking

Knowledge Building Trailer

Math Lives Here: Finding the Math

Take a Constructivist Approach

The What and Why of CRP

Primary Students Sound the Alarm: Finding Voice and Agency

Edible Math

Building a Community of Learners: A Principal’s Perspective

Co-constructing Learning: Teacher Perspective

Jennifer Corriero – Empowering Student Voice

Creating an Inclusive Mathematical Learning Environment

The Professional Learning Environment for Mathematics

Further Reflection on the Collaborative Inquiry

The Showcase

Showcase Preparation

Using Multiple Representations: Tackling Real World Problems

Developing Design Thinking

Inquiry Matters: Parents’ Perspective

Student-led Conference: Action-oriented Inquiry

Inquiry Check-in: Collaboration

Inquiry Check-in: Sharing the Learning

Inquiry Check-in: Questions and Probes

Inquiry Check-in: Decision-making

Accountable Talk: Creating Culture

Engaging Students Through Social Media

Students Talk About Inquiry

Inquiry-based Learning

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Queen Alexandra Middle School: A Growth Mindset

Module 1: Welcoming and Inclusive Environments

Queen Alexandra graduates sharing their insights

An Authentic Inquiry

Promoting Voice through Engagement

Using Multiple Representations: Tackling Real World Problems

Students Talk About Inquiry

Student-led Conference: Action-oriented Inquiry

Showcase Preparation

Queen Alexandra Middle School: A Growth Mindset

The Showcase

Inquiry-based Learning

Inquiry Matters: Parents’ Perspective

Developing Design Thinking

Accountable Talk: Creating Culture

Consolidation: Math Circle

Risk Rewarded

Jason Frenza: The Courage to Build

Pervasive Knowledge Building

Improvable Ideas

Idea Diversity

Epistemic Agency

Democratizing Knowledge

Knowledge Building Empowers Students

Avis Glaze: Student Voice

Website Review

Authentic Writing

Inside-Outside Circle

Developing Success Criteria

Jeffrey Wilhelm Debrief

Quick Write and Choral Montage

Mantle of the Expert

Building Common Background Knowledge: Read Aloud

Discovering Voice: Student Reflections

Building Collective Knowledge: Whole Group Sharing

Circle Discussion

Plan for the math by Doing the Math

Having a Partner Helps!

Do You Understand What I Did?

It’s OK to Disagree!

Student Engagement – Student Reflection

Student Engagement – The Performance

Student Reflections

Classroom Discourse

Lucy West – Student Voice

Student Voice

Sharing Ideas

Justifying the Big Idea

Negotiating Meaning – Building Background Knowledge

Determining the Big Idea

Avis Glaze: Student Voice

Discovering Student Voice

Lucy West: Student Voice

Lucy West – Student Voice

Co-teaching as a Whole School Strategy

A Group or Network Approach to Co-teaching

Part 3 – After

Students Thinking about Mathematics

Students View Themselves as Mathematicians

What is a Mathematician?

Student Led Conference – Grade 7-8

Student Led Conference part 2 – Grade 3

Student Led Conference part 1 – Grade 3

21st Century Teaching and Learning: Student Voice

Developing and Taking an Inquiry Stance

The Three-Part Lesson: Selecting Engaging Problems – A Variety of Solutions

Creating a Collaborative Culture

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