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Comprehensive Math Program

Learning is Inclusive

Fostering a Culture of Learning

Empowering Students

Balance, Technology and Pedagogy

Positive Problem Solving Using the Pro Pro Chart – part 3

Positive Problem Solving Using the Pro Pro Chart – part 2

Getting Started with Knowledge Building

The Learning

The Difference That Makes a Difference

Powerful Ideas on Knowledge Building in Mathematics

Knowledge Building in a Grade 6 Mathematics Class

Principal Conversation – Understanding New Pedagogies

Student-led Teacher-Supported Inquiry

The Inquiry Journey

Thinking Like a Mathematician

Home and School Connections

Co-constructing Learning: Teacher Perspective

Accountable Talk

Student-led Conference: Home School Communication

Engaging Students Through Social Media

Creating a Sense of Belonging

Discussing the Hot Topics

Intermediate Students Share Their Thinking on Inquiry Projects

Student-led Conference: Home School Communication

Inquiry A Classroom Model for Todays World, Gr. 6 & 7

Inquiry and Student Engagement, Gr. 3

Educators Fostering an Inquiry Approach, Gr. 6 & 7

Teachers Reflecting on Student Inquiry, Gr. 7

Risk Rewarded

Parent Perspective

Knowledge Forum and the Assessment Component

KBC: Student Analysis

Satisfying Way to Teach

Valuable and Long-lasting Teaching

Studying Co-Constructed Negotiated Learning: Spiral Story

Re-imagining Engagement

Pervasive Knowledge Building

Knowledge Building Helps Classrooms Grow

Indicator 3.4 – Professional Learning (Part 2)

Indicator 3.4 – Professional Learning (Part 1)

Indicator 3.4 – Grades 9-12

Indicator 3.4 – Grades 7-8

Indicator 3.4 – Grades 4-6

Indicator 3.4 – Grades K-3

Indicator 3.3 – Professional Learning

Indicator 3.3 – Grades 9-12 (Part 2)

Indicator 3.3 – Grades 9-12 (Part 1)

Indicator 3.3 – Grades 7-8 (Part 2)

Indicator 3.3 – Grades 7-8 (Part 1)

Indicator 3.3 – Grades 4-6

Indicator 3.3 – Grades K-3

Indicator 3.2 – Professional Learning

Indicator 3.2 – Grades 9-12

Indicator 3.2 – Grades 7-8

Indicator 3.2 – Grades 4-6

Indicator 3.2 – Grades K-3

Indicator 3.1 – Professional Learning

Indicator 3.1 – Grades 9-12 (Part 2)

Indicator 3.1 – Grades 9-12 (Part 1)

Indicator 3.1 – Grades 7-8 (Part 2)

Indicator 3.1 – Grades 7-8 (Part 1)

Indicator 3.1 – Grades 4-6

Indicator 3.1 – Grades K-3

Using Feedback

Assessment for Learning


Gallery Walk

Solving the Problem

Minds On

Planning for Engagement

How Does This Relate to Me?

Student Engagement – Student Reflection

Poem: “I come from a home…”

Student Engagement – The Performance

Student Engagement – Teacher Reflection

Educating Ourselves: Reflections

Numeracy: Student Engagement

Automobile Ad Deconstruction

Accountable Talk: Visual Literacy

Blog Deconstruction

Newspaper Article Deconstruction

Sharon List

Denese Belchetz

Parkview Public School-YRDSB

Joyce Public School

Parenting Centres-TDSB

Holy Name School Pembroke-RCCDSB

Charles H. Hulse PS-OCDSB

Our Lady of Sorrows School-NPSCDSB

Queen Elizabeth PS

Sacred Heart School-CDSB

Terezia Zoric

Kathleen Gallagher

Abdi Yousuf

Peter Dorfman

George Dei

Elizabeth Coelho

Engaging Students in the Mathematics

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