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Principal as Co-Learner

Further Reflection on the Collaborative Inquiry – audio only

The Power of Manipulatives and Learning Tools – audio only

Digging Deeper into Student Profiles and Mathematical Thinking – audio only

Math Content Knowledge: The Caterpillar and Leaves Task – audio only

Some Observations from the Collaborative Inquiry – audio only

Math Content Knowledge: The Matchstick Task – audio only

Framework of the Collaborative Inquiry – audio only

Introduction: Questions Guiding the Collaborative Inquiry – audio only

More Math – audio only

Culturally Responsive Mathematics – audio only

Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning – audio only

Conditions for Effective Teaching of Mathematics – audio only

Math Beyond Number – audio only

Math Knowledge for Teaching – audio only

A Strong Learning Environment – audio only

Pedagogy – audio only

In the Heart of the Practice – audio only

Math For Young Children – audio only

Math Questions about Building Design – audio only

Calculating the Height of a Building – audio only

Architecture and Mathematics – audio only

White Spaces in the Curriculum – audio only

What’s Wrong with Mathematics Teaching? – audio only

Teach and Assess for Transfer – audio only

Reliability and Validity – audio only

Feedback and Mindset – audio only

Feedback – audio only

Essential Questions About Assessment – audio only

Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction – audio only

Culminating Task – audio only

Backward Design – audio only

Assessment Strategies – audio only

A Dynamic Model for Assessment – audio only

Design with the End in Mind – audio only

What is the Point? – audio only

The Administrator’s Role – audio only

Technology and Mathematics – audio only

Substance not Structures – audio only

Parents: Be Intentional and Casual – audio only

It’s About Learning – audio only

Focus on Reasoning – audio only

Math Anxiety – audio only

Mental Math – audio only

Automaticity – audio only

Gender – audio only

Gender – audio only

Spatial Language – audio only

Pedagogy – audio only

What is Spatial Reasoning? – audio only

Success Criteria and Learning Goals in Math Learning – audio only

Purposes of Assessment – audio only

Learning the Content Knowledge – audio only

Planning Moves for Teachers – audio only

Parents as Partners – Math Messages – audio only

Getting Kids Motivated – Overcoming Math Anxiety – audio only

Consolidating Student Thinking

Activating Student Thinking

Numeracy: Student Engagement

Teacher Moderation

Problem Definition

Problem Solving


Setting the Context for Problem Solving

Mathematics Learning Environment

Teachers Analyzing Student Work

Learning Mathematics Within Contexts

Continuing Your Professional Learning

Closing Thoughts – Focusing on Students

Open-Ended and Parallel Tasks for Consolidation

Responding to a Range of Student Thinking During Instruction

Asking Prompting Questions During Instruction

Preparing for Differentiating Instruction

Open-Ended and Parallel Learning Tasks for Instruction

Initial (Diagnostic) Assessment Strategies

Research About Students’ Mathematical Knowing and Learning

Inquiring About Mathematics Instruction

Making Mathematics Accessible to All Students

Ongoing Small Group Assessment

Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching with Dr. Deborah Loewenberg Ball

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