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Young Mathematicians: What Does It Mean to be a Mathematician?

Speak Up Please

Principal as Co-Learner

Overcoming Cultural Viruses – audio only

Questions – Weapons or Gifts? – audio only

Why do Listening and Dialogue Matter? – audio only

Culture, Conversations and Collaboration – audio only

The Power of a Trusting Culture – audio only

Overcoming Cultural Viruses

Questions – Weapons or Gifts?

Why do Listening and Dialogue Matter?

Culture, Conversations, and Collaboration

The Power of a Trusting Culture

We are All Instructional Leaders

Role of the Principal

Navigating the Tension between Educator and System Directed Learning

Learning Alongside Students and Colleagues

Insights Into Effective Practice

Lucy West: Probing Thinking

Reflections on Learning: Lucy West

About Learning Communities

Three Things that Matter For Learners

Working With Your School’s Assets

Lucy West: Discourse, Thinking, and Reasoning

Lucy West: Higher Order Thinking

Lucy West – Culture of Classroom Discourse

Lucy West – Evidence is in the Learning

Lucy West – Questioning to Understand

Lucy West – The Task

Lucy West – Deepening the Teaching and Learning

Lucy West – Permission to be Imperfect

Lucy West – Collectively We are Smarter

Lucy West – We are Learners

Explicit Teaching

Evaluation and Collaboration

The Mathematician’s Way

Many Models for Learning

Nurturing Creativity


Explore Ideas Creatively



Building a Collaborative Team

The Big Ideas

Classroom Discourse

Lucy West – Student Voice

Lucy West: Making Meaning

Lucy West: Culture of Classroom Discourse

Lucy West: Student Voice

Lucy West: Talk, Task, Feedback

Lucy West: Questioning

l’art de l’écoute

Poser des questions pour comprendre

Ensemble, nous sommes plus intelligents

Avoir le droit à l’erreur

Nous sommes des apprenants

Développement de modes de pensée collaboratifs

Passer de la parole aux actes

Culture de la discussion en classe


L’art de questionner

Qu’est-ce qui importe vraiment?

Lucy West – Making Meaning

Lucy West: Barriers to Talk

Lucy West – Culture of Classroom Discourse

Lucy West – Barriers to Talk

Lucy West – Student Voice

Lucy West – Moving the Learning Forward

Lucy West – Becoming a Learning Organization

Lucy West – Talk into Action

Lucy West – The Role of the Principal

Lucy West – Envisioning the Future

Lucy West – Effective Practice

Lucy West – Creating a Learning Organization

Lucy West – Descriptive Feedback: Principal to Teacher

Lucy West – Listening

Lucy West – Developing Collaborative Habits of Mind

Lucy West – Why Feedback?

Lucy West – What Really Matters?

Lucy West – Questioning

Lucy West – Types of Talk

Lucy West – Talk Task Feedback

Lucy West – Collaboration

Assessment for Learning

Puzzles and Games

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