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Dispel the Biggest Spelling Myths with Doreen Scott-Dunne

The Literate Graduate

Putting Faces on the Data

Meaning Maker – Introduction

Text User Introduction

Building Relationships Between Contexts and Perspectives

Constructing, Testing and Re-constructing Theories

Deepening Our Understanding: Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours in Block Play

Re-imagining Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours

Re-imagining the Learning

Revisiting Pedagogical Documentation

Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours Throughout the Day

Giving Meaning to the World

Co-constructed Negotiated Learning

Noticing and Naming the Learning

Communicating Understanding Through Writing

Making Connections to Build Working Theories

Co-constructed Inquiry

Deepening Our Understanding: Co-learning in Play

Deepening Our Understanding: Supporting Children’s Writing Using Technology

Deepening Our Understanding: Supporting Children’s Writing

Reflections on Learning: John Hattie

Re-imagining Children’s Thinking

Re-imagining Teaching and Learning

Re-imagining Learning Materials


Reading and Writing Connections

Small-Group Learning About Numbers

Explicit Learning About Concepts of Print

Inviting the Children Into New Learning

A Shift in Thinking and Action

Inference Game


Multi-Media Texts

Reading Response

Reflective Thinking

Critical Thinking

Literacy Techniques: Treasure Words

Blog Critique

Text Analyzer – Introduction

Vocabulary for Thinking

Writing Conference

Vivid Verbs

Shared Writing

Writing: Labels

Allan Luke – Critical Literacy

Consolidating the Learning – Grade 2

Questioning and Listening – Grade 1

Student Teacher Reading Conference – Grade 1

An Inquiry Approach to Learning – Grade 1/2 Teacher

It’s About a Repertoire: Allan Luke

Reading the World: Allan Luke

Relevance and Authenticity: Articulating Values and Beliefs and Taking Action – Grade 2

Play-based Learning in Authentic Real-Life Contexts – Kindergarten

Reading Different Texts – Grade 2

Talking About Learning in Kindergarten

Peer Conferencing in Grade 2

Authentic Real-Life Inquiry in Kindergarten

Teaching with an Inquiry Stance – Grade 1/2 Teacher

A Child’s Perspective on Reading

Authentic Tasks

Critical Thinking and Literacy

Experiencing Texts of All Types

Shared Reading

Drama and Literacy

Teacher Reflections

Students Moderate Peer Writing

Establishing Success Criteria

21st Century Teaching and Learning: David Booth

Differentiated Instruction

Reading Conference: Text Structure

Inquiry Presentation

Think Aloud

Media Deconstruction

Writing a Web Page

Automobile Ad Deconstruction

Accountable Talk: Visual Literacy

Blog Deconstruction

Newspaper Article Deconstruction

Student Reflection

Guided Reading Debrief

TLCP – Moral Imperative


Assessment and Planning

Ongoing Small Group Assessment

Student-Teacher Conference Feedback

The New Literacies

Effective Instruction


Teacher Moderation

Critical Literacies

New Eduscape

Historical Perspectives


Canada and the World

Literary Conversations

Making Predictions

Literacy for the Twenty-First Century

Literacy for All with David Booth – Pt.1

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