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Reading Conference: Text Structure

Summary Remarks

Changing Practice

Playful Talk: Practising Focused Conversations at Centres

Playful Talk: Demonstrating Focused Conversations at Centres

Planned Talk: Teaching Think-Pair-Share

Analyzing Talk

Network Forming and Norming

Networked Learning Communities

The Importance of Oral Language


Sharon List

Denese Belchetz

Parkview Public School-YRDSB

Joyce Public School

Parenting Centres-TDSB

Holy Name School Pembroke-RCCDSB

Charles H. Hulse PS-OCDSB

Our Lady of Sorrows School-NPSCDSB

Queen Elizabeth PS

Sacred Heart School-CDSB

Kathleen Gallagher

Abdi Yousuf

Peter Dorfman

George Dei

Elizabeth Coelho

Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

The New Literacies

Effective Instruction


Teacher Moderation

Critical Literacies

New Eduscape

Historical Perspectives


Canada and the World

Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension – Conclusion

Reflection / Metacognition

Gradual Release of Responsibility

Reader’s Theatre

Learning Stations

Language-Rich Environment

Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension – Language and Word Study

Influences on Comprehension

Reading Conference: Critical Thinking

Literary Conversations

Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension – Reciprocal Teaching

Accountable Talk: Critical Literacy

Read Aloud: Critical Literacy/Questioning


Guided Reading: Metacognition

Shared Reading: Text Structure

Making Predictions

Literacy for the Twenty-First Century

Introduction – Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension

Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind

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