Listen to the researchers ...

“Mathematization is a critical learning process which involves re-describing, reorganizing, abstracting, generalizing, reflecting upon, and giving language to that which is first understood on an intuitive and informal level.” (Clements & Sarama, 2009)

When viewing the videos consider the following question:
How does an understanding of mathematics help educators develop their own fluency in noticing, naming and building upon children’s mathematical understanding?

Doug Clements – Play: Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes
This video was used with the permission of the Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario.

Voices from the Classroom ...

“When we truly understand the content, we are able to notice and name the learning that is demonstrated by the children. We recognize links between strands and strategies. We intentionally use mathematical vocabulary in an effort to immerse children in a rich environment that is infused with math.” (K–3 Educator)

Young Mathematicians: Studying Learning Trajectories

Two educators chat about learning trajectories.

Young Mathematicians: Multiplication Strategies in Problem Solving

Two Grade 3 girls explain their strategies and processes to solve a proble