Listen to the researchers ...

Research has shown… manipulatives provide concrete ways for students to give meaning to new knowledge.” (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2003)

Students need the opportunity to reflect upon their actions with manipulatives, and through discussion, articulate the meaning they generate, so that the link between their representations and the key mathematical ideas is apparent.” (Clements & Sarama, 2009)

Young Mathematicians: Cathy Fosnot - Models and Powerful Tools

Cathy Fosnot discusses the limitations of some models and how the choice of models we use is critical to the doing of mathematics.

Young Mathematicians: Alex Lawson – Models with “Mathematical Legs”

Some mathematical models are stepping stones to learning but other models hold children back in their thinking.

Voices from the Classroom ...

Materials will be out and available, not 'put away'… Moving forward, all students will be allowed to touch and interact with materials [in a non–] prescriptive way. Manipulatives are not something to be weaned off of." (K-3 Educator)