Relationships: “Balance Power and Love”

Munby speaks about leadership that integrates and balances elements such as focus and determination on the one hand and generosity and support on the other.

Worry About Complacency

The problem with complacency is that leaders never realize it’s an issue until it is too late, Munby says. In this video, he shares what leaders must do to avoid complacency in school leadership.

Ontario: Moving Forward

Recognizing the strength of the Ontario educational system, Munby also cautions against becoming complacent. He speaks to issues of leadership and curriculum for the future.

Why Would Someone Follow You?

In order to be an effective leader, people must want to follow you. In this video, Munby shares two qualities that leaders need to develop to make that possible.

Resilience: “Walk into the Wind”

Can we learn resilience? Steve Munby describes ways that effective leaders keep lines of communication open, even in the face of difficult decisions. It is a leadership style marked by “impressive empathy."

Relationships: Communication is Key

While Munby provides practical ideas connected to effective forms of communication, he also addresses the importance of personal interactions.

Question Evidence

How do our own perspectives impact our view of evidence?

Leading with Your Ears

Effective leaders seek to understand context and learn from the people with whom they engage in order to better determine the kind of leadership needed for an organization.

Optimism: “This is Your Time!”

Munby examines the role of optimistic leadership.

Other Ways of Doing

There is a danger in being trapped in our own contexts. Seeking out and learning from other educators, schools and systems is a crucial aspect of what Munby describes as “invitational leadership."

Leadership Practices that Matter

Referring to the research of Robinson, Hohepa and Lloyd (2009), Munby highlights five key leadership practices that make a difference to student learning and achievement.

Leaders Embrace Complexity

Munby cautions against easy fixes. What skills support conflict resolution? What can we learn from challenging situations? What role do courageous conversations play?

The Genius of Leadership

Consider the best choice of strategies for the “ecosystem” in which you find yourself, think about the delivery of those strategies, and find ways to “bring people along with you."

Find the Still Points in a Turning World

In what ways do you get away from the day to day tyranny of stuff and engage in reflective mindfulness?

Be an Imperfect Leader

Munby challenges leaders to be self-aware. He explores how we get the balance right between leadership from the front and control, and empowerment and shared leadership.

Balancing Confidence and Humility

Lack of confidence and fear of being found out to wearing the mantle of leadership and thinking it “comes with a crown” - Munby describes how successful leaders blend the ingredients of confidence and humility.