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Knowledge Buildings

“Knowledge Builders” Podcast Series

This is a four part series that explores innovation and knowledge creation in classrooms. Follow a classroom engaged in Knowledge Building and hear how the teacher and students collectively created an ideas-driven classroom. This podcast is supported by listening guides and a photo gallery.

Episode 1 – Innovation at Work: Exploring the KB Principles
Episode 2 – All Ideas are Improvable!
Episode 3 – Every Voice Counts in Creating New Knowledge
Episode 4 – The Power of a KB Community

Innovative Networks

Innovative Networks offers an inside look into the knowledge building practices of a Grade 6 classroom teacher, with a focus on math learning. She discusses her practices with two professors with expertise in knowledge building and learning networks. Students talk about how they build ideas as a community and the impact of knowledge building on their personal and collective agency. It will be relevant to educators interested in creating knowledge building cultures and applying research to practice.

Video Clips


KB@Queen_A highlights the Knowledge Building pedagogy occurring at Queen Alexandra Middle School. This collection includes…


Knowledge Building – Inquiry Based Learning

In Knowledge Building/Creation classrooms, students work to identify problems of understanding, create theories, carry out research and investigations in order to refine their theories over time, revise their problems and strategies, and share and monitor the progress of the community towards its goals of advancing knowledge.

Knowledge Building Trailer
The Benefits of Knowledge Building
12 Principles of Knowledge Building
Q&A with Richard Messina
Q&A with Glenn Wagner
Q&A with Bev Caswell
Glenn Wagner, a Secondary School Case Study
Bev Caswell, A Junior Level Case study
Carol Stephenson, An Early Years Case Study
The Courage to Build

Knowledge Building – Knowledge Builders

Educators and students become co-learners and producers of knowledge as they engage in authentic inquiry…

Academic Researchers

Knowledge Building: Theory and Practice

In 2015, Quest explored the theme of Deep Learning in a Digital World. In this workshop, hear Dr. Marlene Scardamalia speak to knowledge building theory, while students and teachers reflect on knowledge building practices.

Knowledge-building Theory: Marlene Scardamalia
Knowledge-building Practice: Students and Teachers Reflect
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