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Experiential Learnings

Empowered by Design

Discover how a change in school culture goes beyond student achievement…

“After viewing Empowered by Design, I felt energized and inspired. The educators in this resource realized the importance of relationships, trust, high expectations and strong moral purpose. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.” – Mary Jean Gallagher

Part 1 - The Queen Alexandra Middle School Story
Part 2 - Supporting the Process
Additional Video Resources

Math in Action

Math in Action takes in-depth look at the teaching and learning at a Toronto school, where educators work to engage students in mathematics through real-world situations and explorations. Learn how staff identify and address the needs of their students by creating partnerships between school, home and the community.

Math in Action

Math Lives Here: Helping Social Justice Take Flight

This resource features primary-junior educators who build upon the varied lived experiences of their students…

Math Lives Here
Primary Students Sound the Alarm
Junior Students: A Community in Transition

Planning for Authentic, Integrated Learning

This resource follows an integrated learning cycle, co-planned by the classroom and resource teachers for…

Think Big and Think Real World
Planning For Assessment
Planning for Inspired Instruction

We Are All Mathematicians

A montage showcasing the mathematics learning happening across Ontario at all levels.

We Are All Mathematicians
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