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Differentiated Instructions

2016 Differentiated Instruction Educator’s Package

Print ready files are available for download and copying under the “Supporting Resources” section on…

DI Educator's Package and Video

Complexity of Learning and Teaching in FSL

This new professional learning resource provides an “at a glance” look at effective and differentiated…

Complexity of Learning and Teaching

Di-Ci – What Works…

On this website, multi-level teams (classroom, school and board) of educators and students provide answers to the question, “What’s the difference that makes the difference?” as they discuss key factors that lead to student success and help close achievement gaps in their boards. Their stories are captured as Skype conversations with supporting artefacts and relevant data.


Differentiated Instruction: Continuing the Conversation – VIDEO

This webcast considers overall key messages related to differentiating instruction, as well as specific strategies proven to be successful in meeting the needs of many diverse learners. This webcast offers viewers a starting point for reflection, professional dialogue, and action.

Video Clips

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

What does differentiating mathematics instruction mean to you? What differentiated instructional strategies have you used in your classroom? What are some challenges to implementing such strategies?

Video Clips
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