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Critical Literacy – VIDEO

Today’s students live in the information age. They are bombarded with vast amounts of information in a variety of forms and must become critical consumers and users of information in order to be successful in school and beyond. Critical literacy allows students to be active and challenging participants as they respond to texts of all types.

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Non-Fiction Writing – VIDEO

We live in the information age. Over 80% of the texts we encounter or create daily are non-fiction. It is essential that students develop the skills with which to make and convey meaning using non-fiction texts of all types.

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Teaching for Understanding: Summarization – VIDEO

There is a growing body of research and evidence-based findings that identify summarization as one of the essential skills that improves reading comprehension, writing proficiency and student achievement in general. The skill of summarization needs to be explicitly taught, in all subject areas in order for students to effectively create and interpret increasingly complex texts.

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Private: Today’s Learner for Tomorrow’s World – VIDEO

This is an exciting and challenging time to be involved in the teaching profession. We live in a world of globalization and rapid technological development. How do we help students gain the critical and analytical skills necessary to be successful in the future they will inherit?

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