Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement – VIDEO

This series highlights plans and tools for improving student learning and achievement and reducing achievement gaps , as well as building capacity and sustainability in the skill and knowledge of educators.

Discovering Voice

This series spotlights on both the transformative potential of student voice and  educators a rethinking roles and…

Creating the Conditions for Learning
Developing Student Voice
Deepening Understandings of Voice
Authentic Application of New Learning

Engaging Students in Mathematics

This resource explores a mathematics lesson taught within a three-part lesson framework. Throughout, the teacher…

Getting Started
Working On It
Teacher Debrief

Honouring Student Voice in Mathematics

This resource profiles a teacher and her Grade 5/6 as they work through a three-part mathematics lesson. The students reflect on how they have supported each other as a community of learners in developing their understanding of mathematics.

Plan for the Math by Doing the Math
Fostering a Community of Learners
Student Voice and the Three-Part Lesson

Kindergarten Matters: Intentional Play-based Learning

Educators intentionally create learning opportunities for children based on their interests and strengths. Through inquiry,…

It's About Re-Thinking
It's About Documenting
It's About Self-Regulating
It's About Inquiry
It's About Thinking

Leadership Matters: Open-to-Learning Conversations – VIDEO

This series includes educators from across Ontario engaging in and talking about open-to-learning conversations that are reflective, respectful and at times courageous. Although the scenarios are fictitious, the “actors” are real – educators filmed in role to share their expertise.

Unexpected Conversations
Having Hard Conversations
Preparing for the Conversation
Developing Skills to Engage in Open-to-Learning Conversations
Four Paths of Leadership
Improvement Processes
Cultures of Communication
Final Comments

Learning is the Work

This resource is about innovation in classroom teaching and learning through creating a “Thinking Matrix”…

New Learning
Applying New Learning
Designing a Robust Open-Ended Task
Reflecting on Learning and Success
In Depth with Michael Fullan

Learning Through the Art – Music

The lessons highlight the importance of the learning process rather than focusing on a finished product.


Learning Through the Arts – Dance

The videos are snapshots of authentic arts classes illustrating many of the foundational underpinnings of the…


Learning Through the Arts – Drama

Instructional strategies support the diverse needs and interests of the learners depicted in the videos.


Learning Through the Arts – Media Arts

Viewers see a variety of teaching and assessment strategies as the teachers implement the curriculum.


Learning Through the Arts – Visual Arts

The videos are snapshots of authentic arts classes illustrating many of the foundational underpinnings of the…


OFIP Resources

 Examines effective instructional leadership practices that support whole school improvements in literacy and numeracy learning.

Segments from Lucy West's Presentations

The 6 C’s

The 6 C’s approach — what we might call leading from the middle continues to be cultivated and spread throughout the province, including establishing clarity of each of the six clusters and how to develop the skills and dispositions in question.

Character Education
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Creativity and Imagination
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