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Highlight Montage

Relevant Learning

A Learning Community

Going Deeper with Ideas

Building a Strong Collaborative Group

The Importance of Listening

Real-life Problem-solving

Choice – The Freedom to Explore

Communication and Collaboration

Knowledge Building Circles

Knowledge Forum

Scaffolding in Knowledge Building Forums

Inspirations for Learning through Knowledge Building

Assessment of Knowledge Building

Starting a Knowledge-building Network

Why Knowledge Building now?

The Complexity of Knowledge-building

The Great Divide

Knowledge-building Discourse

Knowledge-building: Improving Ideas

Idea-centred Learning

Current Challenges

The Impact of Integrative Thinking

Prototyping and Testing Practice

Integrative Thinking: Peers and Teachers

Knowledge-building for Integrative Thinking

The Power of Integrative Thinking

Integrative Thinking

Thinking and Problem-solving

Alec Couros – Digital Identity

Alec Couros – Participatory Media

Jennifer Corriero – Taking It Global

Alec Couros – Connected Learning

Alec Couros – The Echo Chamber

Alec Couros – Troubling Knowledge

Alec Couros – Information Literacy

Carol Campbell – Humanity is at the core

Carol Campbell – Technology and Assessment

Carol Campbell – The Future

Carol Campbell – Knowledge Network for Applied Education Research

Carol Campbell – Leadership

Carol Campbell – Teacher Learning and Leadership Program

Carol Campbell – Achieving Excellence

Carol Campbell – Share the Learning

George Couros – Blogging as a Professional Portfolio

George Couros – Teachers Blog to Share Their Narratives

George Couros – Toward a Culture of Innovation

George Couros – Parent Empowerment

George Couros – Responsible Use of Social Media

George Couros – Global Possibilities for Learning

George Couros – Challenges in Ontario

Jennifer Corriero – Taking It Global Projects

Jennifer Corriero – Challenge Constraints

George Couros – Technology Enables Learning

Jennifer Corriero – Empowering Student Voice

Jennifer Corriero – Global Citizenship

Jennifer Corriero – Role of Teachers and Administrators

Jennifer Corriero – Technology

Michael Fullan – New Pedagogies for Deep Learning

Jennifer Corriero – Collaboration

Michael Fullan – Students as Change Agents

Michael Fullan – Leadership

Michael Fullan – Leading from the Middle

Michael Fullan – Talk the Walk

Michael Fullan – Challenges

Michael Fullan – Concluding Thoughts

Michael Fullan – Action to Theory

Will Richardson – Re-thinking Schooling

Will Richardson – Modern Learning

Will Richardson – Networked Classroom

Will Richardson – Building an Education Vision

Will Richardson – Changes in Education

No Magic Bullets – audio only

The Deficit Model is Still Alive and Well – audio only

Know Your Own Fish Tank by Looking at Someone Else’s – audio only

Reflection on the Ontario Context – audio only

Moving Beyond ‘Politically Correct’ – audio only

The Main Game: Key Paths To Reform

Indigenous Views on Reform

No Magic Bullets

The Deficit Model is Still Alive and Well

Know Your Own Fish Tank By Looking at Someone Else

Know Your Own Story

Reflection on the Ontario Context

Moving Beyond “Politically Correct”

Overcoming Cultural Viruses – audio only

Questions – Weapons or Gifts? – audio only

Why do Listening and Dialogue Matter? – audio only

Culture, Conversations and Collaboration – audio only

The Power of a Trusting Culture – audio only

Overcoming Cultural Viruses

Questions – Weapons or Gifts?

Why do Listening and Dialogue Matter?

Culture, Conversations, and Collaboration

The Power of a Trusting Culture

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