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Dispel the Biggest Spelling Myths with Doreen Scott-Dunne

The Literate Graduate

Putting Faces on the Data

Meaning Maker – Introduction

Text User Introduction

Building Relationships Between Contexts and Perspectives

Constructing, Testing and Re-constructing Theories

Deepening Our Understanding: Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours in Block Play

Re-imagining Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours

Re-imagining the Learning

Revisiting Pedagogical Documentation

Literacy and Mathematics Behaviours Throughout the Day

Giving Meaning to the World

Co-constructed Negotiated Learning

Noticing and Naming the Learning

Communicating Understanding Through Writing

Making Connections to Build Working Theories

Co-constructed Inquiry

Deepening Our Understanding: Co-learning in Play

Deepening Our Understanding: Supporting Children’s Writing Using Technology

Deepening Our Understanding: Supporting Children’s Writing

Reflections on Learning: John Hattie

Re-imagining Children’s Thinking

Re-imagining Teaching and Learning

Re-imagining Learning Materials


Reading and Writing Connections

Small-Group Learning About Numbers

Explicit Learning About Concepts of Print

Inviting the Children Into New Learning

A Shift in Thinking and Action

Inference Game


Multi-Media Texts

Reading Response

Reflective Thinking

Critical Thinking

Literacy Techniques: Treasure Words

Blog Critique

Text Analyzer – Introduction

Vocabulary for Thinking

Writing Conference

Vivid Verbs

Shared Writing

Writing: Labels

Allan Luke – Critical Literacy

Consolidating the Learning – Grade 2

Questioning and Listening – Grade 1

Student Teacher Reading Conference – Grade 1

An Inquiry Approach to Learning – Grade 1/2 Teacher

It’s About a Repertoire: Allan Luke

Reading the World: Allan Luke

Relevance and Authenticity: Articulating Values and Beliefs and Taking Action – Grade 2

Play-based Learning in Authentic Real-Life Contexts – Kindergarten

Reading Different Texts – Grade 2

Talking About Learning in Kindergarten

Peer Conferencing in Grade 2

Authentic Real-Life Inquiry in Kindergarten

Teaching with an Inquiry Stance – Grade 1/2 Teacher

A Child’s Perspective on Reading

Authentic Tasks

Critical Thinking and Literacy

Experiencing Texts of All Types

Shared Reading

Drama and Literacy

Teacher Reflections

Students Moderate Peer Writing

Establishing Success Criteria

Reading Conference: Text Structure

Inquiry Presentation

Think Aloud

Media Deconstruction

Writing a Web Page

Automobile Ad Deconstruction

Accountable Talk: Visual Literacy

Blog Deconstruction

Newspaper Article Deconstruction

Student Reflection

Guided Reading Debrief


Assessment and Planning

Ongoing Small Group Assessment

Student-Teacher Conference Feedback

The New Literacies

Effective Instruction


Teacher Moderation

Critical Literacies

New Eduscape

Historical Perspectives


Canada and the World

Literary Conversations

Making Predictions

Literacy for the Twenty-First Century

Literacy for All with David Booth – Pt.1

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