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“Living in a State of Inquiry”: Lessons from the Student Work Study Teacher Initiative

The Living in a State of Inquiry: Lessons Learned from the Student Work Study Teacher Initiative resource will deepen the understanding of the Student Work Study (SWST) initiative. Research findings and the learning from teams representing a variety of school boards in Ontario are featured as the far reaching impacts of this initiative are explored.

Deepening our Learning
Evolution of Work
Future Directions
Spread and Sustain

Beyond Pictures, Numbers and Words: A Focus on Multiplication and Division

Teachers and students in one classroom learn how representations and models can help students to build conceptual understandings about multiplication and division.

Learning for the Classroom
Taking the Learning Home

Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

What does it mean to coach for student success in mathematics? Coaching for student success isn’t just about having a numeracy coach. It is about including everyone in contributing to the improvement of numeracy instruction and student learning and achievement in mathematics.

Watch the Video

Math Study Groups: Learning in a Collaborative Culture of Inquiry, Study, Action

In this webcast, viewers will have the opportunity to learn alongside with a Study Group that is grounded in inquiry, study and action. Their work is cyclical, iterative and sustained.

Activating Thinking (Before)
Developing Learning (During)
Consolidating Learning (After)

Students of Mystery: The Student Work Study Teacher Initiative

This resource will introduce you to the Student Work Study Teacher (SWST) Initiative – an innovative professional learning program in Ontario that supports teacher inquiry into student learning.

An Open-to-Learning Stance
Theories of Action
The Power of "Co"
Impact on System Thinking
Concluding Thoughts
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