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Student Engagements

Innovations in Thinking and Learning

The purpose of this resource is to introduce educators to three approaches that lead to deep learning: Knowledge Building, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and Integrative Thinking.
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Allan Luke: Continuing the Conversation

Continuing the Conversation series includes a wealth of ideas, strategies, and details to support your professional learning.


Student Engagement

In this resource you will see a novice drama group with grade 10, 11 and 12 students. They decided to explore the notion of student engagement, an important issue for themselves and their peers.

They jotted down their ideas in response to 4 simple prompts:

I need

I don’t need…

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Planning for Authentic, Integrated Learning

This resource follows an integrated learning cycle, co-planned by the classroom and resource teachers for…

Think Big and Think Real World
Planning For Assessment
Planning for Inspired Instruction

Engaging Students in Mathematics

This resource explores a mathematics lesson taught within a three-part lesson framework. Throughout, the teacher…

Getting Started
Working On It
Teacher Debrief

Literature Circles

Originally introduced on the book club model, literature circles are changing as our understanding of “text”…


All Children Can Achieve: A Focus on Equity of Outcome

The purpose of this webcast is to stimulate professional learning. The following questions are intended to promote thoughtful dialogue and inspire action that improves student achievement for all students.

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Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

Do you believe that all students can learn and do significant mathematics? What key conditions can teachers and school leaders put into place to ensure that all students have access to learning significant mathematics? What key high-yield strategies enable students to understand mathematics deeply?
This webcast will explore some research and illustrate several effective teaching practices in elementary mathematics classrooms. It will demonstrate effective strategies that engage all students in learning mathematics.

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Unlocking the Potential of Aboriginal Students – VIDEO

The government of Ontario has made improved student achievement in literacy and numeracy the centerpiece of its mandate. The first step in realizing this goal requires that every student in Ontario will reach their full potential in reading, writing and mathematics. By 2008, 75 percent of students will reach or exceed the provincial standard.

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