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Reading the World in a Grade 3 Classroom

In this classroom you will see technology used extensively as a learning tool. The teacher’s pedagogy promotes diverse learning orientations, student self-regulation, metacognitive strategies and thoughtful student discourse.

From Read-Aloud to Independent Writing
Setting Students up for Success
Becoming Independent Thinkers
Learning Beyond the Classroom
Educational Challenges

Primary Reading Discussion Paper

The main purpose of this series is to promote professional inquiry into primary reading, to outline…


Developing Inquiring Minds

See students and teachers actively engaged in learning about learning and determined to be key players in…


Student-Led Conferencing

Student-led conferences offer authentic opportunities for students to share their learning with their parents/caregivers.

Grade 3
Grade 6
Grade 7-8
Informing Practice

Literature Circles

Originally introduced on the book club model, literature circles are changing as our understanding of “text”…


Allan Luke: The New Literacies

In this webcast, Dr. Luke presents his views and provides an international perspective on the new literacies, with a focus on the importance of helping our students develop in the area of critical literacy.

The New Literacies
Additional Features

Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension

The government of Ontario has made improvement in publicly-funded education the centrepiece of its mandate. This commitment begins with improved student learning and achievement in literacy and numeracy.

Video Clips

Unlocking the Potential of Aboriginal Students – VIDEO

The government of Ontario has made improved student achievement in literacy and numeracy the centerpiece of its mandate. The first step in realizing this goal requires that every student in Ontario will reach their full potential in reading, writing and mathematics. By 2008, 75 percent of students will reach or exceed the provincial standard.

Watch the Video

Literacy for All with David Booth

In this webcast, David speaks to prospective teachers at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, and speaks at a question-and-answer period with a group of teachers from the Rainbow School district in Sudbury, Ontario.

Video Clips
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