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Innovations in Thinking and Learning

The purpose of this resource is to introduce educators to three approaches that lead to deep learning: Knowledge Building, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and Integrative Thinking.
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Leaders in Educational Thought: Special Edition on Mathematics

Based on their research and on their experiences, seven educators offer their thinking about different aspects of learning mathematics, doing mathematics and thinking mathematically.

Alex Lawson
Marian Small
Lucy West
Daniel Ansari
Cathy Bruce
Doug Clements
Dan Meyer

Planning for Mathematical Understanding: Fractions Across the Junior Grades

This resource documents the journey of junior teachers in Wellington Catholic District School Board who plan a unit on fractions as a division, implement it, and reflect on it at various points during its progression.

Collaborative Unit Planning
The Big Ideas of Fractions
Debrief and Reflections

Math Study Groups: Learning in a Collaborative Culture of Inquiry, Study, Action

In this webcast, viewers will have the opportunity to learn alongside with a Study Group that is grounded in inquiry, study and action. Their work is cyclical, iterative and sustained.

Activating Thinking (Before)
Developing Learning (During)
Consolidating Learning (After)

Creating the Conditions for Learning Mathematics

This resource allows viewers to observe students as they are learning. They also observe educators as they watch and examine the classroom footage and the student work from the lesson. Throughout this video, viewers have the opportunity to consider the mathematics that students learn within the Ontario Curriculum and how contexts set the stage for learning. 

Classroom Learning
MathTalk, Conferencing and Professional Learning
Knowledgeable Others

Primary Reading Discussion Paper

The main purpose of this series is to promote professional inquiry into primary reading, to outline…


Engaging Students in Mathematics

This resource explores a mathematics lesson taught within a three-part lesson framework. Throughout, the teacher…

Getting Started
Working On It
Teacher Debrief

Quality Teaching: It’s Intentional – VIDEO

Quality teaching is intentional and strategic. It involves making the right decision at just the right time to improve student learning. Strategic teachers are consciously aware of why they are doing what they are doing throughout the day. Instructional decisions are based on on-going assessment data as well as a deep understanding of the teaching-learning process.

What Researchers Say About Quality Teaching
Elements of Quality Teaching

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

What does differentiating mathematics instruction mean to you? What differentiated instructional strategies have you used in your classroom? What are some challenges to implementing such strategies?

Video Clips

Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

What does it mean to coach for student success in mathematics? Coaching for student success isn’t just about having a numeracy coach. It is about including everyone in contributing to the improvement of numeracy instruction and student learning and achievement in mathematics.

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Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

Do you believe that all students can learn and do significant mathematics? What key conditions can teachers and school leaders put into place to ensure that all students have access to learning significant mathematics? What key high-yield strategies enable students to understand mathematics deeply?
This webcast will explore some research and illustrate several effective teaching practices in elementary mathematics classrooms. It will demonstrate effective strategies that engage all students in learning mathematics.

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Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension

The government of Ontario has made improvement in publicly-funded education the centrepiece of its mandate. This commitment begins with improved student learning and achievement in literacy and numeracy.

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Unlocking the Potential of Aboriginal Students – VIDEO

The government of Ontario has made improved student achievement in literacy and numeracy the centerpiece of its mandate. The first step in realizing this goal requires that every student in Ontario will reach their full potential in reading, writing and mathematics. By 2008, 75 percent of students will reach or exceed the provincial standard.

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Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching with Dr. Deborah Loewenberg Ball

We were very pleased that Dr. Loewenberg Ball agreed to be a part of our webcasts for the 2005-2006 school year. This webcast provided an excellent opportunity for educators to get an overview of the mathematics knowledge necessary for teaching in the elementary classroom and ask questions via email.

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