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Instructional Leaderships

Leadership Matters: Open-to-Learning Conversations – VIDEO

This series includes educators from across Ontario engaging in and talking about open-to-learning conversations that are reflective, respectful and at times courageous. Although the scenarios are fictitious, the “actors” are real – educators filmed in role to share their expertise.

Unexpected Conversations
Having Hard Conversations
Preparing for the Conversation
Developing Skills to Engage in Open-to-Learning Conversations
Four Paths of Leadership
Improvement Processes
Cultures of Communication
Final Comments

Networked Learning Communities – VIDEO

Networks provide educators with opportunities to interact with each other within the boundaries of their own schools and boards or far beyond those traditional boundaries. These networks take many forms, some formal, others informal, and can include members representative of one role or of a variety of roles.

Video Clips

Schools on the Move: Collaborating, Partnering and Networking Lighthouse Program – VIDEO

The context for Schools on the Move is the diversity of Ontario and the good work being done in schools across the province. Emerging from both the Schools on the Move themselves and the research literature are five major themes that describe the practices that are required to move schools forward:

Monitoring Student Learning and Setting Direction
Managing Cultural Change and Redesigning the Environment
Focus on Teaching and Learning
Shared and Distributed Leadership for Learning
Connecting with Families and Community
Networked Learning Communities
Keeping Momentum
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