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Innovations in Thinking and Learning

The purpose of this resource is to introduce educators to three approaches that lead to deep learning: Knowledge Building, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, and Integrative Thinking.
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Math in Action

Math in Action takes in-depth look at the teaching and learning at a Toronto school, where educators work to engage students in mathematics through real-world situations and explorations. Learn how staff identify and address the needs of their students by creating partnerships between school, home and the community.

Math in Action

Learning Through the Art – Music

The lessons highlight the importance of the learning process rather than focusing on a finished product.


Learning Through the Arts – Media Arts

Viewers see a variety of teaching and assessment strategies as the teachers implement the curriculum.


Learning Through the Arts – Drama

Instructional strategies support the diverse needs and interests of the learners depicted in the videos.


Learning Through the Arts – Dance

The videos are snapshots of authentic arts classes illustrating many of the foundational underpinnings of the…

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