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Differentiated Instructions

Complexity of Learning and Teaching in FSL

This new professional learning resource provides an “at a glance” look at effective and differentiated…

Complexity of Learning and Teaching

2016 Differentiated Instruction Educator’s Package

Print ready files are available for download and copying under the “Supporting Resources” section on…

DI Educator's Package and Video

Knowledge Building – Inquiry Based Learning

In Knowledge Building/Creation classrooms, students work to identify problems of understanding, create theories, carry out research and investigations in order to refine their theories over time, revise their problems and strategies, and share and monitor the progress of the community towards its goals of advancing knowledge.

Knowledge Building Trailer
The Benefits of Knowledge Building
12 Principles of Knowledge Building
Q&A with Richard Messina
Q&A with Glenn Wagner
Q&A with Bev Caswell
Glenn Wagner, a Secondary School Case Study
Bev Caswell, A Junior Level Case study
Carol Stephenson, An Early Years Case Study
The Courage to Build

Knowledge Building – Knowledge Builders

Educators and students become co-learners and producers of knowledge as they engage in authentic inquiry…

Academic Researchers

Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind

As learning becomes a priority for all students, assessment takes on many different and important roles. When assessment becomes a key component of learning, it can provide teachers and students with a window into what students understand and a mechanism for deciding what to do next.

Watch the Video
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