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Bruce Rodrigues: EQAO, Assessment, and Mathematics

Bruce Rodrigues, CEO of EQAO, presents primary, junior and grade 9 mathematics assessment data in the context of current provincial conversations, positioning EQAO as only one piece in the assessment picture of Ontario.

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Students of Mystery: The Student Work Study Teacher Initiative

This resource will introduce you to the Student Work Study Teacher (SWST) Initiative – an innovative professional learning program in Ontario that supports teacher inquiry into student learning.

An Open-to-Learning Stance
Theories of Action
The Power of "Co"
Impact on System Thinking
Concluding Thoughts

Four Resources Model

This model provides ways of examining the content of teaching and assessment to ensure all…

Code User
Meaning Maker
Text User
Text Analyzer
Rich Tasks
Home and School Connnections

Student-Led Conferencing

Student-led conferences offer authentic opportunities for students to share their learning with their parents/caregivers.

Grade 3
Grade 6
Grade 7-8
Informing Practice

Differentiating Mathematics Instruction

What does differentiating mathematics instruction mean to you? What differentiated instructional strategies have you used in your classroom? What are some challenges to implementing such strategies?

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Rethinking Classroom Assessment with Purpose in Mind

As learning becomes a priority for all students, assessment takes on many different and important roles. When assessment becomes a key component of learning, it can provide teachers and students with a window into what students understand and a mechanism for deciding what to do next.

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