Allan Luke: Indigenous Education

Research professor Allan Luke talks about the importance of passing on the wisdom of elders…

Allan Luke: Indigenous Education
Audio Only

Beyond Pictures, Numbers and Words: A Focus on Multiplication and Division

Teachers and students in one classroom learn how representations and models can help students to build conceptual understandings about multiplication and division.

Learning for the Classroom
Taking the Learning Home

Dr. Michele Chaban: Responding to Students under Stress

Video excerpts from a presentation by Dr. Michele Chaban to Supporting Educational Outcomes of Students…

Responses to Stress: Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faint
Responding to Children under Stress

Empowered by Design

Discover how a change in school culture goes beyond student achievement…

“After viewing Empowered by Design, I felt energized and inspired. The educators in this resource realized the importance of relationships, trust, high expectations and strong moral purpose. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.” – Mary Jean Gallagher

Part 1 - The Queen Alexandra Middle School Story
Part 2 - Supporting the Process
Additional Video Resources

K to 2 Connections

An e-learning experience produced by the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Branch, the Early Learning Division…


KB@Queen_A highlights the Knowledge Building pedagogy occurring at Queen Alexandra Middle School. This collection includes…


Knowledge Building: Theory and Practice

In 2015, Quest explored the theme of Deep Learning in a Digital World. In this workshop, hear Dr. Marlene Scardamalia speak to knowledge building theory, while students and teachers reflect on knowledge building practices.

Knowledge-building Theory: Marlene Scardamalia
Knowledge-building Practice: Students and Teachers Reflect

Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture

Educational consultant, Lucy West provides insight on how to cultivate a positive learning culture.

Lucy West: Rethinking Learning Culture
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Lyn Sharratt: System Improvement

Lyn Sharratt shares her knowledge on how to create student-centred learning spaces. She touches on how school systems can move from a positive learning climate to an established deep culture of learning.

System Improvement

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Today, declining mathematics scores is a new challenge that will not wait. In elementary schools…

Promising Practices in Mathematics Learning and Teaching

Susan Dion: The Power of Narrative

Professor Susan Dion shares what she’s learned about storytelling and community building at the Student…

Susan Dion: The Power of Narrative

Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Dr. Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux has dedicated her life to building bridges of understanding, and sees endless merit in bringing people from diverse cultures, ages, and backgrounds together to engage in practical dialogue. She is deeply committed to public education and active youth engagement.

Truth and Reconciliation
Dr. Duke Redbird Closing Remarks
Meeting Place Youth Conference - Youth Voices of Canadian Roots Exchange
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