All Children Can Achieve: A Focus on Equity of Outcome

The purpose of this webcast is to stimulate professional learning. The following questions are intended to promote thoughtful dialogue and inspire action that improves student achievement for all students.

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Allan Luke: The New Literacies

In this webcast, Dr. Luke presents his views and provides an international perspective on the new literacies, with a focus on the importance of helping our students develop in the area of critical literacy.

The New Literacies
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Coaching for Student Success in Mathematics

What does it mean to coach for student success in mathematics? Coaching for student success isn’t just about having a numeracy coach. It is about including everyone in contributing to the improvement of numeracy instruction and student learning and achievement in mathematics.

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Critical Literacy – VIDEO

Today’s students live in the information age. They are bombarded with vast amounts of information in a variety of forms and must become critical consumers and users of information in order to be successful in school and beyond. Critical literacy allows students to be active and challenging participants as they respond to texts of all types.

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Kindergarten Matters: Building Blocks for Learning – VIDEO

Kindergarten is a magical place where children and adults grow and learn together!

In this webcast, you will step inside a Kindergarten classroom that is alive with authentic learning experiences that engage young children in thinking, reading, writing, speaking, listening, creating, representing, and problem-solving in an integrated fashion.

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Learning Mathematics Within Contexts – VIDEO

What is the purpose of understanding students’ mathematical knowledge at the start of a lesson? What is the significance of contexts for student learning of mathematics? Why is it important for teachers to solve mathematical problems that they will use during their classroom lessons?

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Making Mathematics Accessible for All Students

Do you believe that all students can learn and do significant mathematics? What key conditions can teachers and school leaders put into place to ensure that all students have access to learning significant mathematics? What key high-yield strategies enable students to understand mathematics deeply?
This webcast will explore some research and illustrate several effective teaching practices in elementary mathematics classrooms. It will demonstrate effective strategies that engage all students in learning mathematics.

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Teacher Moderation: Collaborative Assessment of Student Work – VIDEO

Assessment has an impact on student learning. It influences the teacher’s instructional decisions and informs the student as to his or her strengths, needs, and next steps. Assessment is a complex process and it is challenging to ensure that assessment is fair, valid and consistent for all students. One way to work toward consistently effective assessment practices is through a process called teacher moderation.

Part 1: The Teacher Moderation Process
Part 2: Toward Improved Student Achievement
Part 3: Instructional Stategies That Meet the Needs of All Students
Part 4: Assessing the Impact and Planning Next Steps
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